Black and white pictures that reproduce well in all media are what we are looking for, but we also need the occasional color art for the cover. Scroll down to see a gallery of artwork that has appeared in recent issues of Third Wednesday 

We prefer clearly-labeled jpegs attached to an email message. Include in the message your name and snail mail address along with the title of the artworks and the media. Jpegs should be 5-6 inches on the longest side.

Pixel resolution should be as close to 300 dpi as possible. The Web standard resolution of 72 dpi is not acceptable for printed images.

Send your artwork as attachments to our art editor, Judith Jacobs:


Left: Especially Abroad II

Photograph by Seiger.

Right:  Umbrella Street
Photograph by Lauren Tivey


Judith Jacobs

Art Editor



Pen & Ink by Lorelle Otis


Left:  Columbus Avenue

Oil Painting by Brett Busang

Right:  A Cow Dog

Linocut by Mark Bulwinkle