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"Writers markup their calendars with the every-other-Thursday Open Mics, recurring Poetry Readings, the Monday Night Writing Workshops, and Saturday Night crit clubs. The journal, Third Wednesday, was birthed by just such a self-organizing group. One could describe it as a journal for writers, by writers, as many of the selected poems have a meta-poetic slant.

"The collection, as a whole, is reminiscent of the variety of work one might pick up in a weekly writer’s group; an eclectic representation of experience, voices, viewpoints, and literary styles. With an unsteady editorial prerogative, there are duds within the group that underwhelm, but there are also breathtakingly sensitive meditations on mortality that make the entire collection worth reading.  Beginning writers as well as experienced professionals will be pleased with what they find."

                                                          The Potomac


"I am also pleased to see that you have published here a poem by Claudia Serea, whose work I have known and admired for some time. Your content, production values, and illustrations are outstanding, and I am proud to be represented in your pages.  I have found a nice poetic home in Michigan"

John J. T.


"Please accept this very, very, very late note about how much I liked the Spring 2012 issue of Third Wednesday. Among many good poems, I was especially taken with Jeffrey C. Alfier's poem "Campomariono, Where the Sea Begins," which is just lovely."

Marc J. S. 
Ferris State University


"Just finished up the spring issue. Wonderful job. Beautiful book. Lots of fine poetry--even from little kids."

Ann C.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania






Third Wednesday is the outgrowth of a monthly writer's workshop begun by a group of poets who meet at an Ann Arbor, Michigan, bookstore every third Wednesday. We recognize that the need for another literary anthology is moot, but feel the importance of publishing the work of today's modern creative minds is inarguable. Third Wednesday provides yet another outlet for experienced writers and artists to see their work in print. The primary impetus for this endeavor is to distribute to you the poetic voices that strike us most deeply. In deciding to expand the publication to include short fiction and artwork, we hope to serve and court a broader range of contributors and to more comprehensively supply the imaginative cravings of a hungry public.

The Poetry Foundation has formed a partnership with the Library of Congress to support the American Life in Poetry project, an initiative of Ted Kooser, the 2004-2006 Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress. 

Third Wednesday is honored to have been the source of first publication for several poems that have been featured by American Life in Poetry.
Aunt Eudora’s Harlequin Romance by Marilyn L. Taylor from Vol. IX, No. 1
The Air Smelled Dirty by Marge Piercy from Vol. X, No. 1
Everyday Grace by Stella Nesanovich from Vol. IX, No. 4
Classic Toy by Mary M. Brown from Vol. IV, No. 3
Taos by Jillena Rose from Vol. III, No. 1
Delivered by Cynthia A. Ventresca from Vol. VIII, No. 4
Deer Fording The Missouri In Early Afternoon by Kevin Cole, Vol. VIII, No. 4

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